You should only decide to relocate colo’s data center after considering opportunities, expenses, and problems.

colo data center

Colocation is an innovative solution for companies that need to find their physical ground rather than rent from third parties.

Things to Consider Before Relocating Colo Data Center

If the company decides to opt for this option of a data center, then it must consider several factors before making any commitments.

Evaluating your existing facilities

You must evaluate the existing facilities before making any relocation decision. You must check whether the current facility is ready with all the necessary facilities or not.

Evaluate whether it has enough power supply and bandwidth. If not, then you should plan to upgrade your existing facilities before relocating them to a new location.

What do you want from your new data center?

The answer to this question will drive the rest of the process. If your answer is something like, “We want a colocation facility that’s close to our mobile app’s user, ” then you’re going to have a very different set of requirements than someone who answers, “We want a colocation facility that has easy access to fiber or a carrier-neutral datacenter.”

Sustainability, budget, and regulatory requirements

One of the main reasons why businesses are relocating data centers is because they want to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. The reason is simple: If a company can reduce its energy consumption by even a tiny percentage, it will save money. In addition, it might also qualify for certain tax credits or rebates that could further lower its costs.

Relocating a colocation data center can help a company achieve these goals by making monitoring their power usage easier and ensuring that they’re using clean sources of power whenever possible. It also makes it easier for them to upgrade their systems as needed always to have the most efficient equipment available.


Moving costs vary depending on distance, and the number of servers moved. You should also consider how much extra money it will cost if your system goes down while being relocated.


Datacenter regulations vary from state to state, so make sure you understand local laws before moving into a new location.


The location of your colo data center is one of the most important factors when it comes to relocating your colo data center. You should ensure that your new site has everything you need to run your business successfully and efficiently.

If possible, try getting in touch with someone who has already moved their own business before and ask them about their experience and what they learned along the way so that you can avoid making mistakes when driving your own business from one place to another.

Create clear, organized documentation

Before relocating your data center, ensure complete and thorough documentation, as it is vital.

Document any existing systems and equipment changes, such as configuration changes or upgrades. This way, you can easily refer back to this document when necessary.

Network Bandwidth

The bandwidth available at a new hosting facility is essential when deciding where to move your colocation data center. A poorly designed network can lead to slow speeds, dropped packets, and even disconnections for your clients.


The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) power at any colocation facility is another important consideration when choosing a new location for your colocation data center. If the UPS power system isn’t up to par, the servers will go down if there are any issues with the power grid.


If you plan to move your colo data center, you should consider all those things. Proximity is now critical to have a competitive advantage. Those that want to relocate their colo data center to another country, such as Indonesia, need to consider even more factors.

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Environmental issues have become more important; while the government still develops clean energy sources, only in Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia) can you get a reliable data center with clean energy.

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